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This exciting change enables us to clearly reflect the style of work of the company while celebrating us as a recognizable presence in the region.

About Ohio Contemporary Ballet (formerly Verb Ballets)

For over three decades Ohio Contemporary Ballet, formerly Verb Ballets, has connected with the community in Northeast Ohio through dance performances and educational programs. We are inspired by the rich past, present and future of dance in our region and are proud to be your Ohio Contemporary Ballet (OCBallet).

The company vision is currently led by Dr. Margaret Carlson, former principal dancer for the original Cleveland Ballet, and Richard Dickinson, MFA, former Ohio Ballet dancer. As a ballet company, our vision is to bring reliably excellent performances that delight audiences with a variety of choreographic works. We invest in dance as an artform for international cultural exchange. OCBallet seeks to engage top dancers and choreographers that reflect diverse backgrounds across the country and globe.

We see ourselves as not just a dance company, but as a valuable asset that enriches the lives of our community through providing access to dance opportunities, classes and education. Housed at the Ohio Contemporary Ballet Center in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, we are committed to be a leader of artistic vibrancy in the Great Lakes region.

Upcoming Performances

One Dark Night
October 27, 2023
MGM Center Stage in Northfield

Nutcracker Appearances
December 2023
In Shaker Heights, Akron and Lakewood

New Premiere
February 10, 2024
The Breen Center in Cleveland

OCBallet Center

Provide excellent training, classes, and access opportunities for the community through dance.

Youth Academy

Teen/Adult Classes

Our Mission

To engage people through bold performances rooted in contemporary ballet and to strive to be a vital community asset by providing access to dance opportunities and education in the Great Lakes region and beyond.

Our Values

  • We exemplify Midwestern values in terms of work ethic and honoring the past.
  • We utilize dance to build community.
  • We fortify the presence of creativity and expression in our region.
  • We commit to equity, diversity, and belonging.

We are proud to be your,
Ohio Contemporary Ballet