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March 8-11, 2018 Havana, Cuba


March 8-11, 2018

Alicia Alonso Grande Theatre

Presented as The Cleveland Havana Ballet, the Verb Ballets and ProDanza will perform the full length classical ballet, Yarini running March 8-11, 2018 in Alicia Alonso Grand Theater in Havana. The ballet is by international dancer and choreographer, Iván Alonso, the son of Laura Alonso. Yarini is based on a historical hero who reached mythical proportions within popular Cuban culture and imagination. The ballet centers around Alberto Yarini, known as the Prince of Old Havana, Louis Lotot, Yarini’s notorious rival, and the women they loved. The ballet is set in Havana during the Cuban War of Independence against Spain; during Yarini’s rise to power that led to his inevitable tragic death in 1910. The battle highlights passion, power and struggles for freedoms that are the essence of the Cuban spirit.


March 8-11, 2018


The Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso
458 Paseo de Martí
La Habana 10600, Cuba


I ACT (1st scene) The Lady of the Veil, in search of Yarini, arrives at San Isidro, a zone of tolerance of the time, where prostitution was practiced. House # 60 was administered by Yarini, where the Lady of the Veil decides to wait for it. La Petite Berthe, the French prostitute with the greatest clientele, was envied by the others and Letot’s favorite, head of the French Cholos (Apaches), adversaries of the Cuban Chulos (Guayabitos). As every year Letot goes to Paris to renew his merchandise, while the Lady of the Veil causes the union of Yarini and Berthe increasing more the hatred between Guayabitos and Apaches.

I ACT (2nd scene) In the Cosmopolitan restaurant, where high society used to be, Yarini’s antiracial character manifests itself by beating the American business representative who mocked a hero of our independence struggles.

II ACT (1st scene) In the square, near the port of Havana, Yarini waits for Letot to tell him that Berthe has a new owner, Letot faithful to his saying – live for women and not die for them – shows him his new acquisition, Yarini in a show of machismo unleashes the wrath of the Apaches who pressure Letot to plan his death.

II ACT (2nd scene) Night falls and the hard day begins for women who exchange pleasure for money, but the Petite Berthe does not feel well and when she says goodbye to Yarini, she has the impression that something bad is going to happen. The Apaches arrived to make their plan, everything seemed perfect but Letot could never imagine that killing the man, created a Myth.

This international collaboration is support by

ProDanza and Verb Ballets will join forces in an international collaboration to form the Cleveland Havana Ballet. Starring the dancers of Verb Ballets of the United States led by Dr. Margaret Carlson, and Havana’s ProDanza under the direction Laura Alonso, this cultural exchange is a groundbreaking partnership supported through the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion initiative. This significant collaboration will encompass performances in Cuba by the combined companies in March 2018. Bringing Verb Ballets to Cuba for the first time is an enormous cultural exchange and will integrate American dancers to the very best of Cuba’s ballet scene.


Iván Alonso

He began his studies in Classical Dance in 1967 at the National School of Art (ENA), where he graduated in 1975 as a teacher dancer. From there he joined the National Ballet of Cuba reaching the soloist level. He was part of the Young Guard of which he is founder. In 1998 he was awarded the main teaching category of Adjunct Assistant of the Higher Institute of Art. He was appointed choreographer by the Evaluation Committee whose president is Alicia Alonso. He currently serves as Ballet Master and Choreographer of ProDanza the Center for the Promotion of Dance.