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Community Open House

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Community Open House Week

June 3-8, 2024

Join us for the Ohio Contemporary Ballet Center an Open House Week running June 3-8, 2024 featuring FREE dance classes for Teens/Adults. Classes are specifically designed for students ages 14+ and include an array of ballet classes in varying ability levels from new-to-ballet to advanced.

Ohio Contemporary Ballet Center for Dance studios are located at 3558 Lee Road in Shaker Heights behind The Dealership.

Click here for directions. Free parking available use lot closest to Chagrin Rd.

Looking for children's classes?

OCBallet Youth Academy offers dance classes for ages 2 – 14 years old! Check out our free class trials for new students June 3-8, 2024.

Register for FREE Adult/Teen Dance Classes from June 3-8, 2024

What to Expect in Class

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Whatever you want! Athletic wear, sweats, or a leotard and tights-whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready to dance! Certain more advanced ballet classes do require ballet slippers, but for Beginning and New to Ballet classes socks are just fine! For yoga, please use bare feet.

Where are you located?

In The Dealership at 3558 Lee Road in Shaker Heights.

Do I need to preregister for class?

Yes, everyone must register for class online 24 hours prior to the start of class.

Is there parking?

Yes! We have a free parking lot on the north side of The Dealership Building, connecting directly to the OCBallet Center studio door.

Will I need a water bottle?

YES! Having water on hand is encouraged during every class you take with us. Feel free to keep your water bottle next to you in the studio for a quick sip whenever you need it!

We love our students and they love the studio

Community classes at verb helped me hone in on fundamental skills in order to build the muscle memory and coordination necessary as a foundation to build a more artistic expression as a performing artist. The joy, dedication and focus of the DFE staff is unmatchable. Richard’s classes specifically felt more lyrical I believe this gave me opportunity to explore motion inside the technique more naturally.

Justine SantoraStudent

I love taking class at Dance for Everyone at Verb! As an adult beginner, I found every single teacher to be incredibly encouraging and supportive. If you are interested in learning ballet, even if you have never danced before, Dance for Everyone provides great instruction in a warm and welcoming environment with students of all different ages, levels, and backgrounds.


As someone who took my first dance class when I was almost fifty, I am tremendously grateful for the atmosphere of encouragement, respect, and inclusivity that all the Verb teachers cultivate. Each and every teacher has shown the rare gift of being able to meet where I am, while still challenging me to grow.

Pauline ChenStudent

Three Reasons Dance is for Everyone

When people think of ballet, they might imagine kids twirling around on stage. Or maybe they think of The Nutcracker. While these are fair associations, ballet is not just for kids or the professionals! In fact, there are many benefits to joining ballet regardless of your age or experience. We’ll discuss three reasons why you should consider signing up for a class today!


Flexibility & Strength

One of the most obvious benefits of taking ballet as an adult is that it can help you become more flexible, but can be a great way to improve your overall fitness level. This is due to the combination of stretching and strengthening exercises that are a part of every ballet class. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that you can’t participate in ballet because you’re not flexible enough. Everyone can improve their flexibility with practice. Increased flexibility can lead to better posture and an overall improved quality of life. In addition to becoming more flexible, you will become stronger because ballet combines both cardio and strength-training exercises. There are few exercises as physically demanding, but don’t let that intimidate you! Ballet classes offer opportunities at every stage in one’s journey. Whether you’re an just starting or danced as a kid, ballet allows people to infinitely scale and develop their capabilities!


Improved Mental Wellness

Ballet is unique in that it provides both an outlet for creative expression and a challenging physical workout. This combination is perfect for those who are looking to improve their mental well-being. If you struggle from anxiety or depression, ballet may be the perfect way to help improve your symptom with exercise. It can provide an escape from reality while also helping to strengthen and move your body. Using music and movement can even improve your ability to remember things over time.


You’ll Be Part of a Community

When you join a ballet class as an adult, you’ll be joining a supportive community of other dancers. This can provide you with a much-needed sense of belonging. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds, all of whom share a love of dance. These relationships can provide you with valuable moral support, both emotionally and practically.

Daily Class Schedule

Teen/Adult classes are drop-in. Please make sure that you preregister for all classes at least 2 hours before the start of class to ensure we can facilitate a seamless, touchless check-in experience. Normal class rates are $18/ class or $160 for a 10 pack class card.

Still have a question? Shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you!